MICROSORBER® artificial glass base screen and MICROSORBER® film

An acoustic optimisation of transparency

The screen is a versatile product for MICROSORBER® acoustic isolation systems.  Combining sound insulation, sound absorption, transparency and flexibility at the chosen location, the screen is an ideal solution for large offices.

Offices without partition walls may impede visibility, without noise causing nuisance.  The MICROSORBER® screen offers excellent acoustic isolation thanks to the glass plate in its centre. 

Necessary sound absorption is achieved with MICROSORBER® films installed on both sides. MICROSORBER® film is micro-perforated. Spaced 2mm perforations have a diameter of about 0.2 mm. Through friction on the contours of the perforation, sound energy is transformed into heat. This physical process allows for exceptional acoustic absorption.  The film has a thickness of 0.1mm XXX und wird in transparenter oder bedruckter Silberdesign-Ausführung für die Stellwand verarbeitet.

These films are tensioned by stainless steel springs. Due to its elasticity, this construction is insensitive to mechanical stresses.

The frame and feet with wheels are made out of aluminium.  The legs without wheels are made of flat steel.


Standard size:

width 1200mm

height 1875mm    

thickness 55mm



Anthracite, powder coated

Other dimensions and personalised configurations are available on request.