MICROSORBER® - Principal

In modern interior design, large glass, metal and concrete areas predominate.  They may be elegant, bright and welcoming, but the acoustics must be high quality to really feel comfortable spaces.  Reverberant surfaces such as glass bounce back every sound - and the resulting sound level harms the ambience of a place. 

It is particularly important that the atmosphere in swimming pools, large offices and galleries is enjoyable. So how is it possible to optimise acoustics, without changing the design, the lighting and the architectural concept as a whole? 

The solution has a name: MICROSORBER®. With panels either suspended or against the walls, transparent films or artificial printed glass plates MICROSORBER® offer numerous numerous design possibilities that integrate with all concepts. 

MICROSORBER® is the result of collaboration between the Fraunhofer Instituts für Bauphysik and KAEFER Isoliertechnik GmbH & Co. KG. MICROSORBER® reduces both reflected energy and reverberation time in buildings.



MICROSORBER® 's high performance in terms of acoustics is the result of  microperforation. The glass films and elements are microperforated, each perforation having a 0.2-0.95 mm diameter. As soon as acoustic waves reach MICROSORBER®, a physical reaction occurs : the acoustic energy at the microperforations  is turned into heat due to the frictions that arise, thereby significantly reducing the reverberation times and the noise level.

With films, acoustic absorption is even more efficient, as two layers separated by a few centimeters are used. Besides, with the use of films, for instance under a horizontal glass roof, MICROSORBER® has a positive impact on the environment.



Whether in large offices, staff restaurants, swimming-pools, production sites or entrance halls, the MICROSORBER® principle of acoustic absorption offers a vast array of possibilities, in order to shape creative spaces with perfect acoustics.

MICROSORBER® also offers  acoustic measures to be used later in spaces. Microsorber® can beeasily  installed on walls, glass facades and under ceilings, and adapted to each and every specific situation.

Different tensioning systems make it possible to mount and unmount the films individally.