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Design for optimal acoustics

MICROSORBER® is the ideal solution for optimal acoustic performance in terms of architecture, design and transparency.  The principle of micro-perforated films and artificial glass plates combines simplicity and efficiency: the acoustic energy at the perforations is transformed into heat through friction, significantly reducing reverberation time and sound level.  

MICROSORBER® films and translucent, transparent, printed glass offers varied possibilities to link optimal acoustic design to existing architecture.  Finished products such as screens, shades, blinds and acoustic panels complete the MICROSORBER® programme. They can be installed later or temporarily to improve the acoustics of a space.  

Whether in swimming pools, offices, canteens, churches or galleries, MICROSORBER® has for many years proven its worth in the most diverse locations across Europe. The MICROSORBER® team has become a partner of choice for architects and masters of works alike. 

You too can discover the diversity of MICROSORBER®!