Adidas staff restaurant

Kauffmann Theilig & Partner, Ostfildern Prof. A. Theilig, D.B. Kauffmann, R. Lenz, M. Ehrle

Client: adidas-Salomon AG, Herzogenaurach
Energy concept: Transsolar Energietechnik, Stuttgart
Photos: Roland Halbe Fotografie, Stuttgart

The "Stripes" canteen is an integral part of the extension to the adidas headquarters on the Herzo Base, a former barracks in Herzogenaurach. Starting from a lakeside terrace, the transparent construction follows the topography of the hill over several levels.

Glass facades, a glass roof and beams of various sizes give visitors the feeling of being in the open air, rather than in an enclosed space.

As an integral part of the roof structure, MICROSORBER® ensures optimum acoustics in this restful environment. The architects installed the micro-perforated film to realize its climatic concept: the roof is a double-walled construction, with the interior printed film with rear ventilation acting both as sun protection and as a thermal mirror in combination with floor cooling.

MICROSORBER® panels are stretched between the lightweight grid on which the horizontal glass cladding rests and the primary support structure. The corners are covered with eyelets and connected by balancers.

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