Acoustic ceiling systems

MICROSORBER® foils and systems can be installed discreetly and elegantly on ceilings or along skylights frames, blending harmoniously with the surrounding architecture. UV-resistant, these foils are designed for long-lasting resistance to the sun's rays, ensuring aesthetic stability and performance over time.

Their adaptable transparency or opacity significantly enhances acoustic comfort, without compromising the luminosity or aesthetics of the space. These systems are particularly effective in conference rooms and auditoriums, where clarity of sound is paramount. With a thickness of just 0.1 mm, and perforations of around 0.2 mm in diameter spaced at 2 mm intervals, MICROSORBER® foils offer optimized acoustics, reducing echoes and improving sound clarity.

What's more, their B-S1, d0 fire classification guarantees enhanced safety, while their UV resistance and custom printability make them suitable for a wide range of environments. So, whether you're planning a conference that demands clarity of sound, or a show that requires impeccable acoustics, MICROSORBER® foils offer an aesthetic and functional solution that respects and enhances the architecture of the venue.

Acoustic ceilings


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