Acoustic systems for walls and glass facades

MICROSORBER® foils and systems are available in wall-mounted versions and can be installed along walls or glass structures and facades.

They discreetly improve the acoustic comfort of spaces, whether in an office, a lobby or a swimming pool. MICROSORBER® foils and systems are available in wall-mounted versions, for installation along walls or glass façades. With a thickness of just 0.1 mm, these foils feature perforations with a diameter of around 0.2 mm, spaced at 2 mm intervals, making a significant contribution to improving acoustic comfort in spaces such as offices, lobbies or swimming pools.

The range offers great creative flexibility and customization possibilities, thanks in particular to its transparent, opaque or printed finishes. In technical terms, MICROSORBER® foils boast outstanding properties: they are fire-rated B-S1, d0 to DIN EN 13501-1 and UV-stabilized. This level of performance and aesthetics opens up a vast range of possibilities for optimizing the acoustics of any space, while remaining discreet and elegant. The principle opens up all possibilities of creation and change for acoustic optimization.

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