East Wintergarden

César Pelli

Microsorber® bu Barrisol has been installed in England's East Wintergarden - Canary Wharf for almost 20 years, ensuring the best acoustic comfort for its visitors!

The glass atrium, designed by the famous architect César Pelli, is 27 meters high and offers a spectacular setting for conferences, ceremonies and private parties.
The invisible acoustic solution Microsorber® (transparent foil - aw up to 0.70 in double layer) was installed in front of the glass walls of this magnificent atrium. The acoustics are as good as ever after all these years. Microsorber is UV-resistant and has not been damaged in any way.

When in contact with the Barrisol Microsorber® sheet, the air movement induced by a sound source is absorbed thanks to the micro-perforation, thus breaking the reverberation effect. Acoustic optimization (aw up to 0.70 in double layer) and light transparency UV-resistant ETFE. Fire classification B-s1, d0. 100% recyclable. Microsorber® can be printed.

Barrisol East Wintergarden 360

East Wintergarden Great Britain

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