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Lufthansa headquarters in Cologne

Acoustic solutions in the atrium, Barrisol Microsorber® acoustic sandblasted

At the end of 2007, around 800 Lufthansa employees moved into the company's new headquarters building in Cologne.

The light-filled 6-storey atrium forms the focal point of the building. It serves as a showroom and cafeteria.
Measuring around 25 x 25 x 25 m, the inner courtyard has a sizeable footprint - and a reverberation time of 9 seconds, making it unsuitable for events or musical elements.

As has been the case for many other projects before, MICROSORBER® was a great help:
Some 330 m² of transparent film were installed in a double layer under the glass roof, at a height of around 24 meters. Clamping parts manufactured for this project met the special requirements of the roof's steel construction. They were fire-retardant coated and fixed to the steel construction, without compromising fire protection.

Acoustics were further optimized by the double-layer installation of an additional 300 m² of MICROSORBER® acoustic sandblast film in the corner walls, at heights ranging from 3 to 20 meters. Spacer brackets, specially developed for the concrete wall with an insulating layer of mineral wool on the room side, ensure safe installation. During installation, the experienced MICROSORBER® team was faced with a number of new challenges, all of which were perfectly mastered. Thanks to the use of MICROSORBER® and a number of floating acoustic panels, the atrium was ready for the inauguration. The reverberation time, now around 2.5 seconds, means that the atrium can be used under optimum conditions for Deutsche Lufthansa events.

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