Rheinhessen Bad

Niederstein, Köln

The Rheinhessen-Bad swimming pool in Germany is a large aquatic complex with resonance problems. To provide maximum acoustic comfort, a combination of 1,200 m2 of Barrisol® extra matte white A15 Acoustics and Microsorber® transparent microperforated solution were installed.

In addition to their acoustic performance, they have a fire rating of B-s1, d0 and are 100% recyclable.

Barrisol® solutions are ideal for use in aquatic environments, as they are moisture-resistant, and Microsorber® is UV-resistant and printable. Thanks to Barrisol® and the Microsorber® system, a beautiful sports and leisure area can welcome its public, in the best possible acoustic comfort for all water sports enthusiasts!

Barrisol Microsorber Rheinhessen Bad Deutschland 360

Barrisol Microsorber Rheinhessen Bad Deutschland 360

Barrisol Piscina turo de la piera 360

La piscine c cool

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