Lufthansa head office in Cologne

Architects : ASA Architekten

Acoustic solutions in the atrium

From the end of 2007, around 800 Lufthansa employees were based in the new building that houses the company headquarters in Cologne.  

The 6-storey atrium bathed in light is the focal point of the building. It serves as an exhibition space and cafeteria.

Measuring approximately 25 x 25 x 25m, the courtyard is a significant size - and a reverberation time of 9 seconds, made it unfit to stages events or music.

As has been the case for many other projects before it MICROSORBER® was of great help:

Some 330m² of transparent films have been installed in double layers under the glass roof at a height of about 24 metres. Clamping parts made in connection with this project meet the specific requirements of the steel roof construction. They were coated with a fire retardant coating and attached to the steel structure, without compromising fire safety.

It was possible to further optimise the acoustics thanks to the installation of 300m²  additional MICROSORBER® translucent film in the walls in the corners, at a height of 3 to 20 metres. Spacer supports, especially developed for the concrete wall with the side of the workpiece an insulating layer of mineral wool, allows for a safe assembly. During installation, the experienced MICROSORBER® team has faced up to new difficulties and perfectly controlled them. Through the use of MICROSORBER® and some floating acoustic arrays, the atrium was ready for the inauguration. The reverberation time, which is now about 2.5 seconds allows them to use the atrium at Deutsche Lufthansa in optimal conditions.